Wednesday, June 22, 2005

First Response: JLU, Comics released 6/22

JLU: I've watched "Panic in the Sky" and "Divided We Fall" in the last two days, and I can't imagine how JLU could possibly get better. After a season of references galore and a thick, overarching plotline, we're treated to what is essentially a four-part season finale (starting with "Question Authority" and "Flashpoint") that ties all the plot threads together into a story that goes all sorts of places that no one could have expected. I'd say more, and I will, but I'll just mention again how fantastic this show is.

Comics 6/22: Pretty sparse this week, which is good, considering how broke I am. I picked up Legion of Super-Heroes, Teen Titans, and House of M: Spider-Man.

LSH #7LSH: Good issue overall; I'm glad the villain from last issue's backup story showed up again, and even more glad that Brainy showed some forethought that we didn't see before. The art's great, as usual, and the plot is wonderfully unpredictable. Plus, zombies! Oh, and love the cover. I didn't notice at first, but it's a great homage to the first issue.

Teen Titans #25Teen Titans: Part three of "The Insiders," the crossover with Judd Winick's Outsiders. It's a strong chapter, finally finishing the explanation of the retcon of Superboy's origin that they did waaaay back in the first issue of this series. Good plot building, good fight scenes, and some confusing references to the "Return of Donna Troy" series, which is apparently so confusing that it rubs off on any book that references it.

House of M: Spider-Man #1House of M: Spider-Man: Uncle Ben is alive! Gwen and Captain Stacy are alive! Spidey's a wrestler! All this and Crusher Hogan! Okay, okay, so it's actually a surprisingly good issue. I'm not following the House of M miniseries, but I get the jist of it. There's some neat stuff about racism and fame, and it plays with the same twisting of allegiances that are common to "imaginary" stories. I'll be picking up this miniseries, even if I did drop House of M.

More to come!

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