Sunday, May 21, 2006

Fifty Too

Yes, I'm doing a "50 Best DC Characters" post.

No, it's not done yet.

No, no one has actually asked.

That is all.


Economics 101 said...

This is a great analysis - well done!

Can I bring to your attention AK Comics of Egypt who produce 'Middle East Heroes' which has just started being distributed through Diamond.

AK Comics is the only comic book company that has a written equal opportunities policy for its heroes and villains (it's true!)

Win a year's subscription by designing a new team of Middle East Heroes and sending your entry to

Remember that half the team must be female.

Tom Foss said...

At least this spam is kind of on-topic. How'd it get through the word verification filter?

Jon said...

...villains have equal-opportunity clauses? That isn't even remotely villainous.

And wouldn't that mean that the teams would have to hire people with no superpowers if they applied, lest they risk a discrimination suit?

(I now want to design an armored racist villain who refers to his costume as a "discrimination suit.")

Diamondrock said...

I think I'm going to make a 50 character list as well. And I'm putting Cassandra Cain on it just to spite the universe. Take that, DC editorial!

RedheadFangirl said...

Did you graduate? Congrats! What is your degree in, if you will reveal?
And Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle better be high on your list. I can't recognize that Cassandra Cain character as Batgirl-- she has to be a redheaded librarian in my book!