Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Infinite Crisis #7 Spreadblogging

Wow, that title sounds dirty. Spoilers below the fold.

So, uh, who the hell are these people? Is that Raven on the right?
Nightshade maybe?Um...the Green Hoodie?Raven shouldn't have a chest symbol.

So, which Flash is this? Jay Garrick is elsewhere in the spread, and Bart wasn't wearing Wally's costume (which this appears to be), and furthermore retired. I hope Wally's back.
Join W.H.A.T.-Wally's Hypersonic Attack Team!

Wow, what a crap costume. I thought that was J'onn on the cover of Brave New World. Thank goodness it won't last long; everything reverts eventually.
Because after forty years, J'onn thought 'gee, I need a shirt'

Is that Northwind? Black Condor?
Dude, Nuklon ditched the mohawk for a reason.

Either this is a new black superhero with a bland costume, or it's a horribly miscolored Dr. Mid-Nite.
Dr. Mid-Nite, more like Dr. Not-White! Yeah, I got nothin'.

Neat Batwoman costume, I wonder who's inside it. Rumors say Kathy Kane, and I could go for that.
Red is the new blue in Bat-costumes.

New Starman, it looks like. Could it be that James Robinson is working on some more Starman material?
Oh man, I smell all sorts of time-travel.

Big changes in store for the Marvel family. Looks like Cap grew a mullet, and someone's been taking fashion tips from Mike Grell's Green Arrow.
Who thought the hood was a good idea? Honestly.

When did Sand become so religious?
Ashes to ashes, dust

Yay! Steel's back! I kind of miss the bug-helmet, though.
Hooray for strong black characters!

Uncle Sam would look cooler if he didn't look like a Confederate soldier.
Johnny Reb!

So the new OMAC's a hero? That's actually pretty cool.
Ah, but is it Snapper Carr?

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CalvinPitt said...

I still demand to know what happened to the Ray. Either he's become an idiot and adopted his father's costume, or it's a new guy entirely, which would piss me off even more.

Why does Dan DiDio hate me so? I'm not the one that threw your Jimmy Olsens in a puddle, Dan!

Greg said...

I thought that was J'onn on the Brave New World cover, but because I haven't been paying attention, I didn't know he was gone. So I guessed in was the Monitor. Whoops!

Matthew Guerrero said...

What gives with Dick Grayson: is he dead or what?
His head looked pretty cracked open to me, and I don't remember seeing him get up, unless it happened over in Teen Titants or other DC books I don't read.
I know that we see Nightwing very prominently displayed on the spread, but where's Robin?
Maybe Tim Drake's taking over the role of Nightwing?
But what sense would that make?

Also: for anyone following Seven Soliders: all the Soldiers accounted for except Shilo Norman as Mister Miracle.

Tom Foss said...

Dick was on the boat at the end of the issue, lookin' fine and dandy. The Bat-family is no stranger to head injuries, after all.

Jon said...

J'onn's on the Brave New World cover as one of the six headshots (as per the ad in this week's Detective, anyway), so I don't think he's the unexpected returning silhouette.

But, God help me, it does look like the Monitor.

At first glance, I thought that green girl might be the Tangent Green Lantern, whose namesake gadget popped up on a beach a few pages prior. Don't think I'm right, though.

And I kinda like that new Uncle Sam get-up. Couldn't tell you why, really, but on a snap judgment, it's pretty spiffy.

Anonymous said...

I think it's Junior with the Mullet.

And what are you talking about? All OMACs are heroes!

Anonymous said...

Dan Didio really, really doesn't want me to buy his comics.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Sam looks a little like Frank Zappa