Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm with Quasar

From Quasar #6, 1990:
Ah, sweet precognition.

Did you catch that?
The thought-bubble, ancestor to the internal monologue caption.

Marvel: the House of Recycled Ideas.

Me? I'm with Quasar.


JM said...

Superpower registration? Damn these Republican wedge issues...

Anonymous said...

He is SO going to bite it in Annihilation now!

Anonymous said...


I just found your blog. I like it, even if I haven't read comics in two months.
And your usage of early 90s Quasar comics reminds me of a story. Last weekend, I was in Chicago for the latest in a series of circle-jerks related to law school. When I left the building, I found a newsstand that, believe it or not, had comics. I was excited.

I shouldn't have been.

As I moved in for a closer examination, I saw titles like "YOUNGBLOOD" and "PROPHET" and "WONDER MAN". My eyes bulged a little. Was someone still really pushing these comics? Did they actually think they could sell?
The guy working the stand noticed me and said, "You like those comics, huh?"
I replied, "Man, I haven't seen some of those titles in years."
The guy got very proud and said, "Yup, every single one of those comics is more than 15 years old."
There was no reason for him to be that proud of having a Youngblood comic, and I decided to make sure he wasn't. I said, "Yeah, well, I can see why you haven't sold any of 'em in all that time."

Then I walked away.

Marc Burkhardt said...

The big Vault break-out also reminds me of the opening arc for New Avengers

Anonymous said...

That's Klaw's sonic gun Quasar has, yes? For a second I thought it was Iron Man's glove, swiped in the midst of Iron Man flipping someone off....