Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The things that bring you here

So, I shouldn't be surprised that a search for Organic Spider-Man comics turned up my blog, what with all my ranting and raving about web-shooters. The thought, however, of comics printed on untreated paper, using only natural dyes and no pesticides, tickled me mercilessly.

It looks like my mis-coined term "misandrony" is catching on, if a search for misandrony definition of is any indication.

To my good friend in Winnipeg who asked what does it mean when a grown man throws a tantrum, I answer that it clearly means you're reading a post by James Meeley.

Then, there's searches like Nasty Linda and Vicky wedgie, where I'd prefer not to know.

The Fortress of Soliloquy: your number two source for Vicky wedgie on the web. I swear, some days it's like I'm the butt of some cosmic joke.

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