Monday, October 30, 2006

It came from the planet Krypton!

I already tried my hand at the Six Word Stories over on my other blog, but I left out my comic-related one. After seeing the short comic stories at Kalinara's and Oddity Collector's, I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon too. The one I omitted from my original post is up first, with new ones following.
Batman: Finally, the Joker pulled a gun.

Animal Man: "We've met. You had hair then."

Green Lantern: The Guardians were wrong. About everything.

JLA: Without J'onn, the League couldn't exist.

The Question: "The Question? What's that?" asked Vic. (Or "asked Charlie," depending on when you're reading).

Seven Soldiers: The universe says "five more minutes."

Flash: Wally returns. "Thanks Bart. Now rest."

The Sandman: Neil awoke, took pen, and wrote.

Superboy: Brainy revived him. "Welcome back, Conner."

Supergirl: She wouldn't be his secret anymore.

Fantastic Four: Family that adventures together stays together.

Speedball: Top: rubber. Bottom: spring. Bouncy, trouncy...
and: Tigger plus Spider-Man equals superhero. Genius!

Spider-Man: Peter wakes. "The Other" = bad dream.
and: Great responsibility doesn't preclude great happiness.
and: Optimism is cracking jokes at Galactus.

And, of course, there's Superman. The first two I think are neat, but the other two are things that I think actually capture something about Superman.

"Maybe Luthor's right. Maybe I should."
For Jor-El so loved the world...
He smiled, then saved the world.
His greatest power was always love.
This is, I think, my favorite meme. Keep it going!


Scott said...

Didn't the Joker pull a gun on Batman in his very first appearance?

Tom Foss said...

The Joker pulls a gun on Batman with surprising frequency, he just never seems to do much with it. But, after years of giant pianos and boxing-gloves and acid-squirting flowers and elaborate traps, maybe he'll realize that Thoreauvian adage: Simplify, simplify, simplify.

And so "Finally"...

Richard said...

"Universe declines request, stays in bed..." Morrison gags always raise a smile.