Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More on Heroes

Welcome, Mohinder, to the ranks of the world's dumbest smart guys. Be sure to check in with Dr. Richards.

West is finally a worthwhile character. Too bad it took nine episodes to get there.

I really like Monica.

Bob is a much better villain than H.R.G. was.

I'm glad Sylar is powerless (at least, so far as I've watched--still half of Monday's episode left to go), because this season would really blow otherwise.

When do we find out that it's not the Shanti virus but Maya's power that kills 93% of the population? Or, alternately, when do we find out that Maya's power is the cure?


ShellyS said...

The current arc is set to end on Monday. The next half of the season, if there is one, is supposed to be a new story, if there is a next half of the season (because of the strike). In the meantime, "Sylar" is off being Spock.

I might be one of the few people who have enjoyed this season.

LurkerWithout said...

I liked most of this season. Really Hiro's arc (despite my dislike of his bowing to predestination), Matt's arc (especially the stuff with Nate), Claire's arc (though her dating a guy with her real dad's powers is kinda weird to me) and Monica/Micah's arc (though D.L's death was bull!)...

I found the Typhoid Twins/Sylar intersecting arcs more darkly amusing. Mostly because of how much everyone else gets upset by it. Especially my room-mate...

The only arc that I find less than interesting is Peter's really. Though I think it got better with this last episode...

Anonymous said...

You know, DL's death WAS bull. They had the perfect explanation with his gunshot wound from last season, but they had to go back and have him get shot AGAIN (I think it's ironic that the intangible one is the one who's been shot more than anyone else on the show). It was a blatant excuse to get the actor back for an episode; the entire Nikki storyline in Four Months Ago was kind of bogus, actually.


Matthew E said...

I don't believe DL is dead. If the series comes to a complete end and he still hasn't been revealed to be alive, then I'll believe it. Not until then.

Derek said...

Wait, West became a worthwhile character? Was I in the bathroom for that scene? When did this happen?

Tom Foss said...

Shelly: I've enjoyed this new season, but not as much as the last one. It feels like they didn't start with nearly as clear a plan for this season.

Lurkerwithout: I thought Hiro's arc dragged on a little too long in Japan, especially since it was more or less blatantly obvious what would happen. Matt, Claire, and Peter I think have had the most interesting arc, and D.L.'s death was bull. I think the reason I liked Peter's so much was that it was very "comic book"-ish, what with the amnesia and the failed attempt to live a normal life (shirking responsibility never works for Marvel-esque superheroes).

I wanted Sylar to be dead after last year. Up until he hooked up with the Typhoid Twins (love that name), I figured he was still stuck in an illusion generated by that one girl.

Matt: Niki's storyline overall has really, really sucked, but Micah's has been all right. I don't know why they decided to kill D.L. the way they did...why not have him die in the fire, so there'd be an easy way to bring him back?

Matthew E: I know I never saw a body.

Derek: "Worthwhile" may be a relative term. How about "he did something useful without whining or being creepy."