Saturday, December 29, 2007


  • Is anyone else as bored with "Death of the New Gods" as I am? I feel bad, because I liked Starlin's "Cosmic Odyssey," but I'm really kind of bored with this series, and it doesn't feel like any of the characters have distinct voices.
  • Why don't we hear more about Superman's origin from the radio show, where he came to Earth as an adult?
  • Is Willingham ever coming back to Shadowpact? I mistakenly credited his inconsistency for the sharp decline in quality, but it seems I missed that someone else has been writing the book for awhile. If this is the new status quo, then I'm done with the 'pact.
  • Why is the Tangent Comics universe becoming so important in the DCU? Honestly, it's been almost ten years since the last time they did anything with it; does anyone really remember it?
  • Am I the only one who wants to see the Amalgam universe get a similar revival? Yes, I recognize that it won't happen.
  • Why am I still buying Countdown to Adventure?
  • Why did they give Adam Strange back his old costume? I liked the new outfit.
  • Did the "Search for Ray Palmer" issues have any importance beyond "check out some of these slightly different worlds that will be gone in a year"? It felt like "Sliders." And not the good years.


LurkerWithout said...

Why am I still buying Countdown to Adventure?

Because you been smokin' the crack?

DC has two minis and two ongoings I actually enjoy enough to follow on their main lines. And Manhunter has been on hiatus for..well a long ass time...

Even the writers I enjoy, like Rucka, aren't enough to get me to touch most of the cross-over heavy stuff they're currently pushing...

Happily Blue Beetle continues to be so damn awesome it out to be against the law...

Your Obedient Serpent said...

Death of the New Gods -- argh.

Not only do I agree that none of the characters have developed distinct voices, Starlin has Scott Free acting wildly out of character.

Why, oh why, did they ever let him get his hands on the Fourth World characters again? Unlike a lot of people, I didn't think the IDEA of DotNG was inherently awful -- but Simonson's the only one who really could have done it justice.