Saturday, January 26, 2008


  • Shadowpact gets one more issue. The latest was so terrible that I was ready to drop halfway through, but I do want to see who's supposedly getting killed next issue.
  • Speaking of which, when did Phil Matt Sturges officially become the new writer? I thought he was just a fill-in, and I don't remember any big farewell from Willingham.
  • Bought my first issue of Spider-Girl since #8 of the first series this week. I'll be subbing soon, more than likely. I like the idea of increasing subscriptions to Spider-Girl to show Marvel that "One More Day" is idiotic, though it looks like Frenz's art has suffered a downturn over the years.
  • Immortal Iron Fist rocks. I had a nice "oh crap" moment toward the end of this issue.
  • Same goes for Booster Gold, which I love beyond all reason. It's a shame that Ted won't be sticking around, and it's a shame this un-death will read a lot like Ronnie Raymond's from a few years back, but it's not like even re-death is permanent in comics.
  • So, the new solicits are the first I remembered hearing about this Raven miniseries. I think it's a neat idea, particularly the stuff about the Medusa Mask. Pitting a teen superheroine who needs to control her emotions (already difficult for teenagers) against a device that controls emotions is a great move. Now if only someone will make the same "well, duh" connection and pit one or more Green Lanterns against the Scarecrow (or Phobia, or one of the other fear-inducing villains).
  • Kurt Busiek's leaving Superman? I almost cried. I hope the rumor that he's writing a Big Three weekly following Countdown is true; I don't know if I could handle a world without Busiek's Superman, having lived in one with it.
  • I've only bought one of Hasbro's Marvel Legends figures (Black Knight), but it sure seems like a major drop in quality from the Toy Biz line. Thank goodness we have the DC Universe line starting up...I've got all but one of the first wave (frigging elusive Penguin) and they're fantastic.
  • Although...anyone know why Metamorpho is called "Rex Mason, the Element Man" on the back of the package? Is some other company using the name "Metamorpho" in toys? Honestly, of all the names to have a legal dispute over, that seems pretty low on the list.
  • So, what are people guessing for Titans #1: death, rape, or surprise exit from the closet?
  • Could someone please give Paul Dini a Zatanna ongoing? I love Dini, and I loved "Zatanna: Everyday Magic," and I know Dini loves Zatanna, but I like my Batman comics to be about Batman.
  • I'm starting to be glad I stuck through all the bad Supergirl arcs, because this one actually introduces some really interesting aspects to the character. I still kind of wish Joe Kelly had done more with some of his themes, but this is good too.
  • Hey, look, Manhunter's in Birds of Prey. Gosh, I wish someone would give her an ongoing series.
  • What's the difference between the Alpha Lanterns and the Corpse?
  • Superman/Batman #47 looks good...I may actually end up buying my first issue of that series since Loeb left.


LurkerWithout said...

I keep checking out Booster Gold. And I keep wondering what the hell everyone else is raving about...

SallyP said...

??? But...but I LOVE Booster Gold! It's snarky, and witty, and has some bizarre ideas which is fun. And the art is so pretty. Heck, Booster is pretty too.

It had Sinestro actually twirling his mustache!

Jason said...

That's odd about Metamorpho. My JLU figure of him was called by name. Maybe they just wanted to distinguish him from Shift?

I just ordered the Booster Gold HC and can't wait to read it.

I would marry Iron Fist (the series itself, not the dude), were it legal.

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between the Alpha Lanterns and the Corpse?

The Corpse are the Black Ops/SAS of the GL Corps. Supposedly the Alpha Lanterns are the Internal Affairs Division, making sure no Lantern goes too far with their new powers.

I'm loving Booster Gold, and looking forward to the Raven miniseries too (you're right, the concept is really strong).

notintheface said...

Paul Dini writes a good Zatanna because he's essentially MARRIED to Zatanna in real life.

Tom Foss said...

Lurker: I'm with Sally, Booster Gold is just a fun comic. It's old-school superheroics with an old-school artist and a neat concept.

Jason: The idea of marrying Iron Fist just opened up terrible images in my head, which I dare not share lest I drive my readers into madness.

Thanks, Laurie. I was a little miffed at the last GL issue, since it touted the Alpha Lanterns on the cover but barely dealt with them inside. I like that idea; it gives the Corps a little more diversity.

Notintheface: Oh, I know. And the worst part is that I think he met Zatanna first. What must it be like to try to live up to a magical fictional superheroine?

LurkerWithout said...

While we get that Dini really, really loves Zatanna and his wife, the point about her overuse in Batman still stands. Especially since Dini has an entire OTHER comic about a Lady Magician that looks like his wife...