Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Holiday Question

Which comic book character, hero or villain, would you most like to see playing replacement Santa?


Erin Palette said...

The Hulk.

He's green, which is a Christmas color.

He's strong enough to carry all those toys, can leap so those reindeer aren't necessary, and will have no problems AT ALL fitting down your chimney. ("HULK SQUEEZE!")

Hulk is a friend to all children.

Even the naughty ones. But one look at the Hulk in a full savage fury will make even the most truculent menace turn into a little angel.

"Be good this year, Bobby, or SANTA HULK WILL SMASH!!"

ticknart said...

Guy Gardner

Bill S. said...

Ambush Bug! Wait, I've seen that...

The Brain from The Doom Patrol comics! Because nothing is funnier than a disembodied brain in a tank in a costume. Plus, Monsieur Mallah would make an adorable elf.

Or... Fin Fang Foom.

Don said...

Youngblood, merely because I want to see what reindeer look like when drawn by Rob Liefeld. Huge pectorals, no doubt, snorting righteous steam, and covered in festive Christmas pouches, to help Santa carry extra presents, of course.