Friday, June 12, 2009

Lest you think this has just become the Fortress of SilverHawks...

Sorry folks, it's been a fairly busy few months. Up until a week or so ago, I was working two jobs, and now I'm just working one (part-time, unfortunately) and applying for as many more as I can. The computer has become less "device for blogging" and more "device for applying for work." Consequently, the last thing I want to do when I have free time is use it even more. Surprising, I know.

But this doesn't mean I haven't been writing stuff, or at least occasionally thinking about writing stuff. I've got posts in the wings about Star Trek (both the movie and the series), the awesomeness of Action Age Comics, a brief hair-splitting on the difference between confusing-but-entertaining comics and just-plain-confusing ones, and a review for my good friends at Unshaven Comics (yes, Marc, finally). Plus, plenty more SilverHawks posts...I'll be milking "The Origin Story" for a couple of weeks.

So, yeah, not dead yet.

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