Sunday, July 12, 2009

SilverHawks Sunday X: Memories

With the week I've had, It's going to be a short installment. But, given that we're ten weeks in--and I haven't missed one yet!--it seems like a good week to take a time out. So, to those countless thousands who've been following this series, I ask a question:

How many of you watched this show?

I don't mean it to be confrontational, I'm just curious if this series is nostalgia bait for anyone else. Whether you watched it on Cartoon Network in 2000 or in syndication in '86, I'm curious how many people are coming to this series with a background in Limbo Studies.


Erin Palette said...

Never saw it.

I did watch (and enjoy) Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers during that time period, so that's kind of close.

Bronze Dog said...

I saw it as a kid, but it's in a real fuzzy place in my head. Did have some of the toys.