Monday, June 27, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 341

A young girl was kidnapped from her home in Walpole, NH, and Clark Kent is on the case--and once he submits the story, Superman will be too! But mere moments after sending the piece to his editor, Kent heard a knock on his hotel door. The pugilistic private eye Slam Bradley is also on the hunt for the abducted girl, and he wants Kent's assistance. Clark reluctantly agrees, knowing that he could be doing more in the sky than on foot, but Slam Bradley isn't the sort of person who takes "no" for an answer! The longer they work together, the closer Bradley comes to unraveling Clark's secret, but the detective has secrets of his own. What is he doing in Cheshire County New Hampshire? Who hired him for this case? And what is his hidden connection to the missing girl, Helena Bastian?

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