Monday, May 20, 2013

Some thoughts on Injustice

I just finished the story mode for Injustice: Gods Among Us, which I'm not going to talk about a whole lot. The basic premise was better when it was the Justice League "A Better World" plot, and the game has some really enormous problems with misogyny. But the gameplay is pretty good, and the fighting mechanics aren't bad. It's definitely a better experience than "Justice League Task Force" was on the Genesis. 

My bloggable issue is with the end, so if you're hoping to avoid spoilers, stop reading here.

Let's say you were going to imprison Superman. How would you do it? This game chose "a cell surrounded by red sun lamps," which I suppose is a good start but (especially as implied by the ending) isn't really enough on its own. At least that cell should be surrounded by gold Kryptonite, if it's available, and green Kryptonite if it isn't. But even more ideal would be some use of the Phantom Zone. Maybe make the entire room a Phantom Zone projector that would immediately zap any intruders or escapees into that prison dimension, in addition to the Kryptonite and red solar energy. Something, anything, other than just surrounding Superman with red lights and hoping that's enough.

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