Wednesday, July 13, 2005

First Response: All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder

Just flipped through the book right now. Maybe I was expecting too much from DC's All-Star (Ultimate) line, but I expected this to be a sort of all-ages affair. Cue the unnecesary second page splash of Vicki Vale in skimpy underwear. Good thing I'm not a young kid picking up a comic that's been advertised as a sort of jumping-on book with no ties to the continuity that you have to be older to understand.

Makes me feel a little bad for the 9(ish)-year-old who was looking for this particular comic on the spinner rack at Borders.

Cheesecake is all right in the right context and with a reason behind it. This was trashy. Mr. Miller, this ain't "Sin City." A comic with a ten-year-old sidekick highlighted on the cover and prominent in the title, which has been marketed to an all-ages audience, should not start with two full pages of innuendo and sluttish panty-clad ass shots.

Oh, and Vicki? Nice wedgie.

My $0.02.

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