Friday, July 01, 2005

First Response: June 29th releases, comic store sales

This past weekend, Graham Crackers Comics, the largest comic store chain in the Chicago area, held their summer sale, where comics and such were 50% off. In a trip that also included seeing Batman Begins in IMAX at Navy Pier, I picked up Swamp Thing #79, something like twelve issues of Peter David's fantastic Supergirl series, and all but one issue of Grant Morrison's short-lived Aztek. Also, a fantastically awesome Hellboy movie figure.

This weekend, Tim's Corner in Rock Island, IL, a shop I've been going to since sixth grade, is holding his Summer Sale. I don't anticipate picking up many back issues, but I've got my eye on a stack of trades including Jack Kirby's Jimmy Olsen Vol. 1, the first two volumes of Invincible, Lucifer Vol. 2: Children and Monsters, Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol. 2, Starman Vol. 8: Stars My Destination (volume 7 should be en route from Amazon as I write this), and perhaps Flash: Terminal Velocity and The Return of Barry Allen.

Who am I kidding with this "perhaps" garbage? I know I'm going to talk myself into it. Half-off TPBs is too good a deal to pass up.

Furthermore, this week turned out to be a pretty big week for comics for me too, including Green Lantern #2, JLA: Classified #9, OMAC Project #2, and more.

The point of all this is that I should have reviews of some of this stuff this weekend.

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