Friday, September 16, 2005

The Blogosphere

I don't like the term "blogosphere." Sure, the sphere's a great shape, but why are blogs supposedly arranged in this spherical format? Is it a solid sphere, or a shell? Are all blogs really equidistant from some blog central point?

Honestly, it sounds like a layer of the atmosphere. Right between the stratosphere and the mesosphere is the blogosphere, cold and thin and such.

I propose that we stop taking this "blogosphere" term for granted. Why not another shape? Where are the blog cones? The blogular prisms? The blogular pyramids?

I hereby propose the blogohedron, a regular blog-sided figure with a blog at each vertex.

Long live the blogohedron!


Mark Fossen said...

I, myself, have been steadily trying to introduce the scientific term WeboComicsBlogoNet ...

... to no success whatsoever.

Vaklam said...

Re: Blogohedron

Done. That's the official name, now. Anyone who says different is gonna have to answer to me and my blogozoidal helix of justice.