Friday, April 20, 2007

So, who's the Seventh Legionnaire?

Hey kids, Spoilers!
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We know Star Boy/Starman and Karate Kid for sure. We saw Dream Girl an issue ago. If you know your Interlac, then you recognized that what Starman said to Karate Kid was "Lightning Lad."

By the way: recognizing and being able to read Interlac may represent a new achievement in geekiness for me. Even scarier, it may not.

That's four. The "white angel" is almost certainly Dawnstar, who we've seen at least once at this point, and the howling "wolf" is probably Timber Wolf. That leaves one more. Who do you think it is?

My money's on Shrinking Violet, based on Starman's "itsy bitsy" comment. Then again, that "C-sharp" comment keeps sticking out to me. I know it's attributed to Dawnstar, but could it be a reference to Tyroc?

Actually, no, it's probably Vi. What a strange team. Thoughts?


Bill S. said...

I hear you, RE: The Geekiness. I saw the last page of the JLA online yesterday, and I immediately recognized the words "Lightning Lad" in Interlac. The suddenness of the recognition kind of shocked me, since I haven't tried deciphering anything in Interlac since at least the mid-90s. I wonder if I can include it on my resume?

Not being a reader of JLA or JSA, I find myself wondering why late 70s (2970s, natch) Karate Kid is running around in the present DC continuity. That's not how he looks in the latest Legion reboot, at least. Very confusing.

Scipio said...

That's not bad-geeky. Bad-geeky is what's happened to me. When I read it

I didn't even notice it was Interlac; my brain simply saw "Lightning Lad", having spent decades automatically transliterating Interlac in LSH stories.

THAT is bad-geeky.

Scipio said...

I'm assuming it's the two who come to visit Dolores Winters in the hospital in 1947, since they are using transuits.

Of course, based on their patter, they sound like Cosmic Boy (who is always right) and Lightning Lad (who is always annoyed that Cosmic Boy is always right).

Daniel said...

I was really hoping for a Superboy.