Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Web problems

So over the course of the past several days, my Internet service has been discontinued once, repaired, and essentially demolished. My room connects with a sickly signal about once an hour for three or four minutes, just long enough to give me hope that it's back on. So, I'm afraid it may be a few days before I have any more posts of substance.

In the meantime: does Spider-Man's organic webbing ever run out? Does it have the exact same properties as the webbing he developed years ago? Does it still dissolve after an hour and whatnot? I'm not warming up to the idea, mind you. I still find it stupid as all hell, I'm just curious how they've explained it.


Matthew E said...

I think the advantage of the organic webbing is that it connects all elements of what makes Spider-Man Spider-Man to the same origin-source. This was probably more important for the movies than it is to the comics, but it still gives everything a nice unity.

But I don't expect that the Spider-Man writers want to actually pay any price for that unity, so unless it's been established somewhere to the contrary, I'd say that in all other ways it's identical to the artificial webbing.

Unknown said...

I thought I heard somewhere a long while ago that Spider-Man said he ate Twinkies to replenish his supply, so to speak. Of course, it was a guest appearance in a book I didn't read and it was probably intended as a throwaway joke, but I think that's the closest they've come to actually explaning anything about the organics since they were introduced.