Saturday, December 29, 2007


So, I hear that the new Spider-Man issue kills the marriage. I also hear that it brings back the mechanical web-shooters. You know, I hated "The Other," I hated the organic web-shooters from "Disassembled," but I think the marriage is a pretty high price to pay for undoing all that. It seems like undoing one bad idea with a worse idea doesn't equal out to a good idea.

Hey, wait a organic web-shooters, no marriage, no Aunt May knowing the secret--did they just completely erase the Straczynski run? And then some? I see the Morrison X-Men Protocol is still in effect.


Unknown said...

I didn't see where the mechanical web shooters came in, although I do accept that it could have been in the art somewhere and I missed it.

The issue, from my understanding, actually undoes a lot of things. The dialogue seems to indicate that Spider-Man's identity is a secret again, Peter apparently still lives with Aunt May and Harry Osborn is also still alive. Honestly, the last few pages seemed to indicate a reset to some semblance of the "college" years (if only in tone) minus Gwen - which is confusing unless the characters have suddenly de-aged (and that scenario is just ludicrous).

I'm more or less fed up with Spidey at this point. I have no particular interest in Brand New Day. Sure, Parker had some problems and could've used a reboot, but I refuse to believe that one quite so drastic was required.

Petey Boy just can't get a break. Must be the old Parker Luck, I guess.


Don said...

Do you happen to know who they turned Amazing over to this time? Because after the Morrison Protocol was last used, they brought Chris Claremont back and I stopped reading all the X-Men books.

What is it about stupid-ass tragedies whose real purpose is not to tell a cool story but to retcon that is so appealing to comics writers?

I'm looking at you, One More Day. And you, House of M. And you, all of the DCU for the last 5 years.

I mean, I agree that Peter had some problems (not the least of which was JMS' shoehorning of stupid mystical claptrap), but overall I thought that the JMS run was fairly solid, compared to a lot of books. Not to mention that in order to get rid of the mystical garbage, they had Peter make a deal with the devil.

This marriage to some imaginary silver-age status quo is really annoying. At least Cap is still dead.