Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Hits Keep Coming

Apparently I didn't read the DC Solicitations closely enough, or I would have found out that they're cancelling "Catwoman" and "All-New Atom." Now, I said I wasn't too thrilled with Remender's run so far, but that didn't mean I wanted the book to end. It is a travesty of the highest order that these books should die while Judd Winick gets a new Titans title.

So, looking over my top three favorite DC titles of the last year or so, one's being cancelled after losing its awesome series writer, one's being cancelled after getting derailed by an unnecessary and nonsensical (but still well-written and entertaining, despite it all) crossover with "Salvation Run," and one's getting a new writer who, so far, looks like he's totally out of his depth. Add to this the changing of the guard on "Immortal Iron Fist," and my list of 'books I look forward to reading each month' been utterly demolished. What's left? "Green Lantern" and "Booster Gold"?

"Trinity" is going to have to be the Holy Grail of comics in order to pick up the slack (no pressure, Kurt). Still, I'm not sure even the return of Ambush Bug will be able to save July from total suckitude.


Derek said...

I'm not shedding any tears over All-New Atom. I loved it when Gail was writing, but I had to drop it after two issues from this new writer.

Catwoman on the other hand, is a tragedy.

I'm also hoping Trinity will be great. But I had the same hopes for Countdown, so...

SallyP said...

I'm with Derek. I came a little late to Atom, but loved it, and picked up all the trades, to get up to speed. Then Gail left, and it was as if all the life drained out of it in a single issue. I picked up the next issue, hoping that it was a fluke, but it was even worse.

So I'm sad that Atom is getting cancelled, but I have to admit that it just wasn't the same after Gail left.

Too bad about Catwoman though.

Richard said...

In the long run, this could become a good thing.

Imagine if DC treated a successful series as the work of a specific creative team. Imagine if they said "John Rogers has written an excellent Blue Beetle series for us and it's concluding with issue 25. If someone else comes to us at some future time with an idea for a new Blue Beetle series we'll publish that as well, but in the meantime there's no need to keep the title going merely for the sake of keeping it going." Because that's what it really is: BB was a success because of that particular combination of writing and art, and a new creative team is an entirely different series. Hell, they might as well start it over with a new first issue!

Clearly this goes for Gail Simone's Atom, and I feel the same about her Wonder Woman. For me that book started with her first issue, and it will end when she leaves. Whoever takes it up afterward will be doing a new series in all but name, and I'd decide whether or not to read it based on its own merits. Why not ratify this by making them all "limited series" either of predetermined length or open-ended as the creative team so desires?

Will Staples said...

If Trinity merely splits the difference between 52 and Countdown, I'll be content. Anything better than Countdown would be tolerable.

I'm pretty disappointed to hear about All-New Atom ended. If Gail had remained on just one series after she began Wonder Woman, this shoulda been it, because it needed a strong writer to get it on its feet more than any of her others. Now I'm afraid poor Ryan will be only so much C-list Crisis fodder.

Jason said...

Well, after today's NYCC news, I'd gladly give up All-New Atom for a Secret Six on-going.

As for Blue Beetle, I have a feeling that series is going to be around for at least a year or two longer. Given that they're going to feature him in the new Batman cartoon and that the series is one you can sell to kids, I think that DC will give it a chance to stay around despite lower sales.

Unknown said...

Raises fists to the heaven and exclaims, "Nooooooooo!"

I can't believe they're cancelling the "All-New Atom." Yet another diverse character that they didn't give enough of a chance. I had high hopes when he started out with the Challengers in the "Hunt for Ray Palmer" part of COUNTDOWN...but, then, for some reason, he was sucked away back to Ivy Town. Argh!

But, I'm with your other commenters that I'm not a fan of what Rick Remender has done with the book. Its not that the writing is bad, it's just like I'm reading an entirely different character than what Gail Simone set up. Gail's character seemed more interesting in that he was a little akward...and, who didn't love the little quotes she peppered the book with? Remender's Ryan Choi seems like average action hero.

Regardless...I'm sad about the cancellation because that's another one of their "diverse" characters that's gone down the drain. And, I'm scared about what will happen with "Blue Beetle" because John Rogers pretty much wrote one of the best story arcs ever in comics and I'm not as familiar with Matt Sturges' writing.