Monday, April 07, 2008


Yesterday, when I was talking about the (rumored) big Companion team-up, I almost asked "has anyone called up Lalla Ward yet?" I deleted the line after I put some thought into it--it seems like it might be bad form to introduce another not-quite-the-last of the Time Lords.

Well, I really should have left it in, because the answer might be more affirmative than I thought. It looks like someone did call Lalla, but got her husband instead.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Whovians, other Whovians, Richard Dawkins will be appearing on Doctor Who this season. It looks like he'll be playing himself, which is cool and all, but I certainly wouldn't mind seeing him as some ironically appropriate alien or future person.

At least they're sure to treat him better than South Park did.


Anthony Strand said...

I don't like that that article calls Davies the "creator" of Doctor Who. Because he, you know, isn't.

I had no idea Richard Dawkins was married to Lalla Ward.

Richard said...

What is this "The gays loved her" twaddle? Everyone loved Lalla Ward! I've always had a massive crush on her. Is Davies calling me gay? Um, well, I guess he'd mean it as a compliment...but still...

Tom Foss said...

Yeah, the article seemed like it was really all over the place...very scatterbrained, and it lost the thread of Dawkins' appearance rather quickly. I think the attribution of "creator" was a part of that sloppiness; he's the creator of the current series, technically, but certainly not the character or the series in general, and it does seem like the article understands that to some degree, crediting Davies with the "reinvention" of the franchise and whatnot.

RAB: I don't think he's saying only the gays loved her, just that perhaps the gays in particular. It's kind of like ABBA or The Wizard of Oz--lots of people liked them, but especially "the gays."

Kidding (mostly) of course :).