Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm fairly surprised this hasn't happened yet

Hey, you know who time-traveling superhero from the future with powers derived from a hi-tech bodysuit Booster Gold should meet/team up with?
Kristin Wells.

You know, Kristin Wells, the time-traveling superheroine from the future with powers derived from a hi-tech bodysuit? 29th Century Kristin Wells? Superwoman Kristin Wells?

Yeah, I know that recent years have introduced not only a new Superwoman but also a new Kristin Wells, both in contemporary times, but it's not like "Kristin Wells" is a super-uncommon name, nor would "Superwoman" be a super-uncommon idea in the DCU. Plus, you know, time travel and eight hundred years of difference are involved.

Having a history teacher with a history of time travel and superheroics would be, I'd think, a nice boon to the Time Masters. She'd make an interesting counterpoint to Rip Hunter, as someone who's more concerned with the historical aspects of the timestream rather than the temporal ones. I think she'd also make a nice love interest.

The one danger, I suppose, is that she'd be a superficially similar character to Booster's sister. That danger is really only in that she's a girl from the future with a suit that gives her superpowers, and if that were enough to keep characters out of the cast, they wouldn't have introduced the new Supernova.

So, Messrs. Giffen and DeMatteis, I think it's well beyond time to bring back one of Elliot S! Maggin's best ideas, and to add a little new blood to the Time Masters family. Feel free to get right on that.

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Dataweaver said...

That's not a bad idea. After all, look at all the iterations and variations that took place with Supergirl over the years: just because a new version has been introduced, that doesn't mean that the original (or something close to it) can't be brought back. Lucy could be reverted to human status (much like what's happened to the Marvel family), and Kristin Wells could be reintroduced.

Even better, reintroduce her in the pages of the Legion of Superheroes: the timeframe is close; and with the Green Lantern storyline taking place in those pages, the idea that there's a resurgence of legends (i.e., the JLA roster) in the 31st century isn't too far-fetched. There could even be a new JLA, unrelated to the one that Earth-Man set up: so, what has happened to the Thanagarians in the intervening millennium? Perhaps there's a water-world out there, with its own King of the Sea. XS does a fine job representing the Flash family, though she is a Legionnaire. And so on.