Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 20

There are nearly four thousand oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, but it seems that someone is determined to bring that number to zero. Over the last several months, three rigs have been bombed, seven have been sabotaged in other ways, and two have completely disappeared without a trace. Dozens of lives have been lost, but strangely there has been no damage whatsoever to the ecosystem. The Coast Guard is at a loss to stop the attacks, and local authorities have been unable to find any leads on the ecoterrorism. Gulf Coast police and military organizations turn to Superman to help. The Man of Steel investigates, and he discovers a familiar foe behind it all. Abducted from the Old West, outfitted and enhanced with advanced alien technology, and driven by warnings of climate change, pollution, and an uninhabitable future Earth, Tobias Manning has run afoul of Superman in the past. But now Terra-Man is back, more powerful and driven than ever, and deplorable methods aside, he may be right.

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