Sunday, August 15, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 25

Maxie Zeus was just a mob boss with delusions of grandeur, an annoyance to Batman and a minor player among the criminals of Gotham City. That all changed when a series of deals that involved a devil or two along the way gave Zeus possession of a set of ancient coins. Once held by Superman's infatuated foe Dana Dearden (aka Obsession), the coins were said to grant their owner the powers of the gods whose faces adorned them: Mercury, Hercules, Heimdall, and Zeus. Under Dearden's particular obsession, the coins made her into a misguided superheroine; under Maxie Zeus's obsession, they have made him into a god. With power undreamed-of, Zeus ascends to his throne atop Olympus--that is, Olympia, Washington--seals off the city (for no mortal may enter Olympus without Zeus's permission), and sets the citizens of the state capital to constructing his Grecian paradise. It is two weeks into Zeus's reign when Superman comes to Olympia. Zeus welcomes "Apollo" into Olympus, but when Superman rebels against the god-king, he finds himself cast into a bizarre labyrinth beneath the city. Even if he can survive the deadly maze and the monsters within, how can any man--even a Superman--stand against a god?

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