Friday, September 17, 2010

Walking with Superman: Day 58

For over a hundred years, people have reported sightings of a creature living in New England's Lake Champlain. The creature, said to look like a prehistoric plesiosaur, has been seen by hundreds of visitors to the lake over the last century. Methodical attempts to find solid evidence of its existence have led to recordings of strange animal noises and unexplained fluctuations in the lake's fish population. Residents and enthusiasts all seem agree: there's a creature living in Lake Champlain.

Those people are wrong. Lake Champlain isn't just a lake. And it's not just one creature.

The most recent scientific study into the lake found that it is deeper than it could physically be, and that eventually familiar underwater formations give way to impossible structures, murky discolored water, and all manner of bizarre life forms. Such creatures had wandered toward the surface in the past, but now a whole swarm of them have followed the submersible back into our world, fleeing the incomprehensible thing which has been awakened beneath the bottomless lake. Superman arrives in Burlington, Vermont, just in time to face a lake monster undreamed-of by the local residents, whose very existence may turn reality inside-out.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you've combined Lovecraft and Superman, two of favorite things in the world. I would really, really want to read this. Sincerely.

Tom Foss said...

Thanks! That's really the best compliment I can get. For about 99% of these entries, I could write the entire script, and the notes I have outside of what gets put into the capsule are getting to be pretty extensive. You know, just in case DC happens to be reading.

As for Superman and Lovecraft, given my love of both, it's quite probable that this won't be the last time, either.