Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Like a Layer Cake of Suck

The other guy in my office area is singing off-key to a country version of Aerosmith's crime against humanity, "I Don't Want To Miss a Thing." And I don't have my headphones today. The gods are cruel.

I'd be rapidly approaching 100 posts, if I posted with any sort of regularity that might suggest rapidity. Unfortunately, my leisure time has been scaled far back. I haven't read more than a third of what I've bought as far as comics in the last month or so. I have managed to watch an episode or two of Superman off the new DVD set, and I suffered through "The Wiz" (Joel Schumacher said "how can we make "The Wizard of Oz" more flamboyant?") and the new "Amityville Horror" (it's fun to see what other horror movie every scene is stolen from), but that's material for a different place and time.

Well, Schumacher-bashing is good anywhere.

So, how about that Infinite Crisis #4? Crazy stuff. I freakin' hate the Multiverse...let's hope that this is a temporary Earth-2.

Get it, like "temporary tattoo"? Ah, nevermind.

Anyone see "Flash and Substance" yet? You know, the new Justice League Unlimited episode (actually, "Dead Reckoning" is the new one, but I can talk about that one later)? It's freakin' fantastic...reminiscent of "The Greatest Story Never Told" from a season or two ago. It's not quite as funny, but it's a great representation not only of a different take on superheroics, but also on why Wally West is unique and important to the League. I wish Flash comics were as good as this.

Of course, most Americans won't see more JLU 'til sometime in the Spring. The only reason I've seen it is because I lack scruples when it comes to new JLU, and I procured the episode through less-than-particularly-legal methods. If Cartoon Network is going to play dirty with the series, why shouldn't I?

Of course, the problem with all that is that I can't really blog about the episode, great though it was, without spoiling everything. Sure, I could put it below the "Read More" fold, but that would require a depth of HTML programming that I'm too lazy to attempt today.

Diamond still hasn't shipped my Deluxe 13" Limited Collector's Edition Super-Duper Mega Ultra Awesome Happy Friendly Go! Superman figure. Even my LCS owner is starting to get upset about it. It was supposed to be a part of my birthday present, way back in the first couple of weeks of December. Now, over a month and a half later, there's no word except that it's on "back order." Lame. Between that and the shipping delays, Diamond is really ruffling my feathers.


Jon said...

Hey, Ain't It Cool News, amongst others, is saying JLU's dead and these episodes'll be the last.

Titans, too, apparently.

Which really sucks.

Tom Foss said...

Well, that would suck if true, especially since DVD sales appear to be robust, and since DC has a bunch of new movies coming out.

Rumors of the League's death have been bandied about before, though, so I'll wait until there's something more official.