Sunday, March 20, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 242

Deep within an abandoned missile silo somewhere near Denver, CO, is a secret military facility designed to house hostile aliens and extraterrestrial research experiments. Somewhere in a sub-basement, in a room lit with red sun lamps and painted with a gold kryptonite primer, the newest resident awakens. Amanda Waller wants the name of Superman's informant, the whistleblower who outed dozens of classified programs, and he's going to rot in this cell until he gives her the information that she wants. And if he refuses, then she there are an awful lot of awful people who'd like to know what Superman does when he's not wearing a cape. The Prisoner of Steel is caught between his ethics and his identity, with no escape...but could his salvation lie in the facility's other prisoners? There's a displaced DNAlien in an adjacent room who certainly seems to think so!

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