Thursday, March 24, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 246

As Superman walks the rolling rural roads of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, enjoying the bright blue skies and the quiet farming community that reminds him of his boyhood home, he's surprised to see an electrical storm--emanating from the middle of a field! He races to the smoldering site, where he finds a young Amish girl. But the child hasn't been struck by freak lightning, she's been generating it! She confides in the Man of Steel, telling him how she can make lightning with her fingers and hear the strange voices of cars and planes and farm equipment when they're close by. She has kept these abilities secret, fearful of what her friends and family might think. Superman is determined to help this teenage metahuman cope with her unique gifts and reunite with her community--but will his interference help the girl, or leave her shunned and ostracized?

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