Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Supermonth: Introduction

So, it's 2008. It's been 70 years. 70 Years since we first learned of our strange visitor from another planet. 70 years before we first looked up in the sky to try to make out the bird--no, the plane--no, the man of tomorrow, streaking through the air faster than a speeding bullet. 70 years since the Never-Ending Battle began. 70 years since we first believed a man could fly.

Well, not fly exactly, not at first. Back then, it was leaping an eighth of a mile and hurdling tall buildings. Still, pretty impressive, if not as easily turned into a sound effect.

In honor of that grand anniversary, I decided to dedicate a month of posts to the Man of Steel himself. And while April (the month he first debuted) and June (the month printed on the cover of his first appearance) passed by without leaving me enough time to get the ball rolling, July--the month which birthed "the American Way"--seemed the best time to do it.

So for the next thirty-one days, I'll be posting at least once daily on the Man of Steel. Some posts frivolous and fun, some more serious and in-depth, and hopefully a couple that inspire. Seems to me that would be the best way to capture a hero who has been and can be all those things.

So happy 70th birthday, Superman. Here's to 70 more!

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Reggie White Jr. said...

The boyscout is 70? WHOA!! Congrats, Supes!