Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Supermonth: A Request

So, my desktop computer has been at the shop for over a month now (Dell is so quick about shipping out parts, and this shop is so good about keeping me updated on the status and ETA), and that's where all my image-altering software is. I have no Photoshop, no scans, no nothing here on this poor abused laptop, which is part of why the Fortress has been so image-light recently.

So here's my request to all of you: could someone whip me up a quick little icon that I can put in each of these Supermonth posts? And if someone wanted to be super-enterprising, they could whip up a new, non-Transformers-themed logo for the site. I might be able to turn this into a little contest of sorts, I suppose, with a prize or two involved. No promises, of least, until I see what the response is.


1 comment:

Derek said...

Here's my uninspired contributions.

Here's the Supermonth icon you asked for. It's not "little", but you couldn't tell what it was when I shrunk it down.

And here's a banner I whipped up real quick. I'll try to think up something better.