Sunday, July 27, 2008

Supermonth: Super-News

So, there's some kind of convention going on on the West Coast, and all this news that totally could have been revealed at Wizard World is coming out. And it's almost all good...and a lot of it is about Superman.

First, there's New Krypton. Holy crap, am I excited about this story. I was skeptical at first, but the idea of plopping down a Kryptonian city with the population of Berkley somewhere on Earth sounds better to me the more I hear about it. And I cannot tell you how happy I am that the triangle numbers are returning. In fact, the only thing I don't like about all this is that Supergirl is getting yet another new writer. I'm enjoying the Kelley Puckett run, and I knew it was ending, but I really wish she'd get some stability. The fact that the writers have come together for a two-year plan at a Super-Summit really makes me happy and optimistic about the future of the Super-books.

Also, I like that they're using the Byrne-designed Kryptonian outfit (among others). I always liked that look.

Milestone is coming to the DCU! The old Milestone series are getting collected in trades! Dwayne McDuffie is reintroducing Icon in the pages of Justice League of America! Static may be joining the Teen Titans! Awesome all around. In fact, the only possible problem I have with this is that McDuffie's run on JLofA has been derailed by crossovers every other issue, it seems, and this might feel like another one of those. I honestly hope this ends up actually being a story arc rather than a one-off crossover preview like the Tangent Comics one.

Now I have to track down those last fourteen issues of "Icon."

There's nothing Superman-related in the announcement of an ongoing Zatanna series under Paul Dini, but I'm excited about that nonetheless. And, no offense to Zatanna, but it'll be nice to get back to Batman in Detective Comics.

Superman news a-go-go. Geoff Johns mentions Superwoman, who I imagine won't be Kristen Wells (Busiek pretty much covered that anyway), but hopefully will have something like her kickass costume. Johns gushes a bit about Lois (which makes me happy, especially given "Final Crisis" #2). It's good to hear that John Henry Irons will be appearing soon (Infinity what?); I'm ambivalent about the return of Doomsday, and well, you know how I feel about General Zod. But a return of Zod may herald a return of Chris, and I really liked Chris.

I still haven't gotten around to watching the Wonder Woman trailer (or "New Frontier" for that matter--that's part of my plan for tomorrow), but I'm excited for February regardless. About the only thing that doesn't make me happy is that they're doing a two-disc special edition of "Superman: Doomsday," which means I'll have to seriously consider whether or not the special features are worth buying the flick over again.

All in all, pretty exciting. It's a good time to love Superman. Um...unless, you know, Libra's after you. In which case, good luck.


LurkerWithout said...

Wise Son should join the Robinson Justice League team. Wise Son and Congo Bill. You want it. I want it. We all want it...

Unknown said...

I think that the special features would have to be really good for me to pick up Doomsday again. I enjoyed the movie the first time through, but the more I think on it (and rewatch it), I think the less I enjoy it.

I was kind of intrigued to see that Johns is writing an episode of Smallville this season featuring the Legion of Super-Heroes. I've thought for a long time they could have done a one-off episode like that, perhaps similar to S:TAS' "New Kids in Town." I'm intrigued enough that I -may- have to break my personal Smallville ban, if only for this one episode.


Tom Foss said...

Lurker: I haven't read enough Milestone to know how much I want that. But Congo Bill is always awesome.

Matt: I really need to give Doomsday another watch, but I think it'll wait for awhile.

The Smallville/Legion episode is such a no-brainer that I figured it would have happened years ago. I know I proposed it years ago as something that would make me want to keep watching the show. At this point, I might check it out, but as far as I'm concerned Smallville ended mercifully after the third season or so.