Monday, May 23, 2011

Something that's been bugging me

I'll admit, I'm way behind on reading the Green Lantern books. I fell off around the time that Geoff Johns decided cutting two pages from the page count was an excuse to increase the number of double-page splashes of aliens flying at things. I haven't bothered to drop the titles yet, but I suspect that will change once I actually sit down and see what's become of them.

But I have seen some of the covers, with the Earth Lanterns becoming Rainbow Brite's posse, and it's brought to mind something that's been rolling around ever since the retcon of Sinestro's power ring (namely, that it's powered by fear, and specifically Parallax). Namely, has anyone referenced the fact that Guy Gardner used Sinestro's ring for a good long time?

Seriously, between his Green Lantern days on the JLI and JLA and his Vuldarian Warrior days, Guy Gardner rocked a yellow ring. It's the ring he had when the JLA fought Doomsday, and for awhile thereafter.

People talk about how great Hal is for conquering fear and all, but given the ring's retcon, wasn't Guy conquering that fear for months or years? There had been talk at various times about how removing the yellow impurity would drive Green Lanterns mad with power, but Guy shouldered the burden pretty well, I think (having not read his solo title at the time, it's possible that there was more drama to it). To date, I think this puts Guy just behind Hal as "Lantern who's worn the most different power rings."

I don't know, I'd just think that this is the kind of thing that would get a passing mention.


Anonymous said...

Actually yes, they've touched on him using that ring. All the Earth GL's (John, Hal, Kyle, and Guy) have at some point had been "infected" by Paralax, and it's why they are immune to Krona's misdeeds presently in the "war of the green lanterns".

mrjl said...

the yellow rings are not specifcally powered by Parallax anymore than the green ones are specifically powered by Ion.

Tom Foss said...

Marc: Good to know.

Mrjl: Good point; I think the official line right now would be that the rings all tap into the emotional energy of all living beings, with the individual entities being avatars of those emotions.