Thursday, May 19, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 302

As Superman passes through Heavener, OK, he gets a visit from the Host! Angelic JLAer Zauriel, Earth-Born angel Twilight, and the divine Spectre confront the Man of Steel near the mysterious Heavener Runestone. With the Key to Hell missing, war between the holy realm and its infernal counterpart seems inevitable. The forces of the Presence hope to count the pure soul of Superman among their number in the coming Holy War, and warn that the powers above may have to unleash the Bull Host. If the Action Ace joins the ranks of the blessed, then they can offer him protection, but if he remains neutral...well, many of the horned angels still bear something of a grudge for Superman's humiliation of their disgraced leader Asmodel. The divine warriors depart, and while Superman contemplates these recent offers, a Stranger to both realms comes to offer another choice...

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