Friday, May 27, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 310

Superman's in Cleveland, OH, but you'd never know it. The Forest City has forgotten who the Man of Steel is, and the effect seems to be spreading! Lois won't answer his phone calls, the Daily Planet online archives have been wiped of his every mention, and even Superman himself finds his memories fading! The clues all point to a forgotten enemy, a mad mentalist who once played host to an aspect of the universe's most powerful alien mind--Milton Fine, one-time Brainiac! His time bonded to the cruel Coluan left him with powerful telepathic abilities--and a lasting grudge against the hero who ruined his life, then forgot he existed! Now, Fine's repaying the favor, ensuring that the entire world forgets their greatest champion! Superman must work quickly to reverse Milton's mental machinations, or the Last Son of Krypton may fade away like a dream upon waking...

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