Monday, May 09, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 292

When a mysterious arcade game in the 1980s led to memory loss, nightmares, catatonia, and suicide among teenagers, the town of Marshfield, MA removed the cabinet, and ultimately banned arcade games within city limits. But now the game called Xenophon has made its way back to gamers through a smartphone app--and a popular endurance challenge--and its effects have made a return as well. Now it's up to Superman to discover the game's origins--and the reasons for its sinister side-effects--before a dangerous dare sends more kids spiraling into depression and death!

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Eric TF Bat said...

Coincidentally, there's a senator in South Australia named Nick Xenophon. One of his campaign promises is to remove poker machines (aka slot machines, one-armed bandits, etc) from local pubs and clubs.