Sunday, July 03, 2011

Scroll Call

So, some time ago, I bought this truly awesome Superman wall scroll at Tim's Corner in Rock Island, IL. It hung happily above my desk in various places for years, until disappearing sometime around when I moved out of my Grad School apartment. Now, I'm not exactly hurting for Superman art to hang on my walls--in addition to the movie posters for "Superman: The Movie" and "Superman Returns" and the huge PĂ©rez/Ross Crisis on Infinite Earths poster, I've got three other Superman movie posters and a print, all waiting for display. But it's a sweet piece of art, and Ed McGuinness is one of the best of the modern Superman artists.

So my point: if you happen to see this wall scroll on sale someplace, and you don't plan on picking it up for yourself, maybe give me a heads up? I've searched around the Internet once or twice for it, but it seems most places that might have had it have long since sold out. Doesn't mean it won't pop up in some storeroom someplace.


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