Sunday, July 17, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 361

Hill City, South Dakota, has strong ties to the past. Not only is it the oldest remaining city in the area, but human history in the region goes back over nine thousand years, and high-profile fossil discoveries nearby speak to even more ancient times--and that long history is suddenly becoming a lot more tangible! The first sign of trouble came a few days ago, when the bandits in a wild west reenactment show injured tourists by firing live rounds from their six-shooters instead of blanks! Today, as Superman comes into town, he finds that the effect is spreading. Those actor bandits have become a real gang of rustlers, terrorizing the citizenry, and even some of the buildings and technology have transformed into a more 19th-century state. What could be causing this Rushmore State rewind--and will the Man of Steel be able to fix it before it affects him as well?

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