Friday, March 31, 2006

Superman's Fault? You bet!

We've already seen that Infinite Crisis is Superman's Fault (including Rann-Thanagar War and Return of Donna Troy). For that matter, so was Zero Hour, and consequently, Day of Vengeance. It's so ingrained into his character that even his clone is prone to berserker rages.

Now it seems that he's to blame for Civil War as well. Is nothing sacred? Torturing his own world, torturing poor Jimmy, Lois, and Batman isn't enough, so he has to torture the Marvel universe too? Is he just so egotistical that he can't let a crossover pass by unless he's to blame for it? Next we'll find out that he was behind Atlantis Attacks or Maximum Carnage or something, right?

God, Superman is a dick.

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