Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Happy Bloggiversary, Seven Hells!

Devon's Seven Hells is one of my favorite comic blogs. I'm fully convinced that the man is some sort of comic prophet. Should I send you off to read his praise for Geoff Johns, a rare commodity in this here blogohedron? Should I link to each of the Seven Signs of Villainy? I suppose you might want to read the story of his blog's name. It's certainly more interesting than me saying "Fortress of s-word" over and over until something fit. I should probably say something about Devon's interesting examinations of race in comics. I ought to mention how much I want his idea for trades of DC's forgotten hits to come true. I may not agree with him about the Power Company, but I loved the "Seven Hells'! Soldiers". And it's impossible to argue with his Seven Reasons to Become a DC Comics Fan. Devon even recognizes the most awesome thing ever.

But that seems to fall short of a fitting tribute. Instead, I'll just let Devon tug at your heartstrings.

Thanks for the year, Devon. Here's to many more. Happy bloggiversary.


Devon Sanders said...

Thank you very much, Tom. This honestly means a lot to me.

Tom Foss said...

No need to thank me for sincerity. I wish you nothing but the best, Devon.