Thursday, April 06, 2006

I must have been absent that day...

Okay, so Tony Daniel wasn't Mike McKone or Tom Grummett, but he's been a decent artist on Teen Titans for quite some time now.

So when exactly did he decide to start sucking?

Somehow, the One Year Gap turned a guy with a decent, if unmemorable, style into a mid-'90s Image artist with little sense of proportion, anatomy, or, uh, faces.

Check out the new issue of Teen Titans, particularly the scene with Gar and Raven, or most of the panels of Wendy and Marvin. Ugh. Faces are all slanty, features are misplaced, bodies look like they came out of a quality of work that Rob Liefeld could only dream of achieving, but that everyone else long ago mastered and built upon.

Tony Daniel, what happened?


Jon said...

If he's responsible for Wonder Girl's new costume, and I think he is, I'm pretty sure he's been replaced by a pod person with terrible design sense. Which means he's also an allegory for Communism!

Tom Foss said...

I see why Wonder Girl's got the new costume, though. I mean, what other hero thinks (thought) a t-shirt and jeans constitute a costume?

I hated Superboy's casual costume for awhile, but I mostly got used to it. In contrast, I really liked WG's Titans costume, and I've never liked the eagle symbol. And stars on the Jeans? Lame.

But every time I see an awful costume, I look at Iron Spidey, and realize it could be much, much worse. After all, WG started out in a jeans and t-shirt combo that somehow looked much, much worse.

I think it was 'cause of the goggles.