Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The con? The con was AWESOME. I'm totally going next year (and I might be working at the Stand-Up Comics booth, so make sure you drop by and buy something). I met all sorts of people and bought far too much. If I'd had another couple hundred dollars that I was willing to spend, I would have picked up a Masterpiece Optimus Prime Trailer and the 13-inch Lex Luthor figure, but I didn't. Maybe next year.

Among the cool things I saw/did/met/bought?
  • Kevin Smith forced a couple to get engaged on stage. In fact, Kevin Smith's whole presentation was pretty cool, even though he didn't exactly share my feelings for the best movie ever.

  • I picked up a HUGE amount of comics. Most of these were fifty cents or less. The most I spent on a single comic was $7.00. I'll be posting the gems soon, for real.

  • The guy in front of me in the line to see Geoff Johns talked to him about killing his "favorite Titan," Superboy. Geoff said "if it's any consolation, he was my favorite Titan too." He then mentioned how Superboy was the sacrificial lamb who saved Nightwing's life. When I approached Mr. Johns, I said "well, at least you left a backdoor, in that he was already a clone." He replied "yeah, it was a pretty big backdoor."
    My hopes for a return of Conner Kent? Much higher.

  • Keith Giffen said "I used to only sign Ambush Bug comics, and I'd always misspell my name. I stopped because no one got the joke." Fantastic.

  • I met Val Staples at the MVCreations booth. As harsh as I was on his writing, it was still great to meet in person someone I've talked to online for eight years or so. Plus, he's a nice guy and a talented colorist.

  • Paul Levitz answered my question about continuing the Bruce Timm animated DCU, and it all showed up in Newsarama. I'm not sure what's the coolest part of that.

  • They handed out Superman temporary tattoos at the DC booth on Sunday. The one I applied upside-down to my arm will probably finish coming off today, thus ending my stretch as a Conner Cultist.

  • I finally broke down and bought all the issues of Civil War and Frontline. Overall, I think I spent less than cover price on the whole bundle, which makes me feel better. I'll let you know what I think soon enough.

  • Issues of Chase were very hard to find. I only found four at the whole con, and that includes two copies of issue 3. Naturally, I now own the first 3 issues of Chase.

  • I almost completed my Manhunter run until I discovered that the issues I'd found weren't discounted at all. I think I'm still missing three. But I bought #15 for a quarter!

  • Mark Waid couldn't appear in person for the Silver Age trivia contest, which pitted him against four fans. He beat them 1000 points to 600-something, answering everything via "Mother Box," aka someone's cell phone.

  • I bought a Superman s-shield poster on the way to the con, hoping to get Superman-related celebrities to sign it. I missed out on a few (like Loeb and Immonen), but Dan Jurgens, Geoff Johns, Noel Neill, and Peter David all left their John Hancock on it. And before you get all wise, David's there because of Supergirl. After all, it's the same symbol.

  • There are too many awesome DC Direct toys coming out in the near future. I will own Bizarro and Batzarro.

I think that's enough for now. Hopefully my next post will have pictures!

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