Sunday, August 27, 2006

"Hello! I'm here in the show!"

I finally figured out how to add a favicon to the page. Check your address bar or tab or whatever. If it's not showing up, switch to Firefox.

In case you can't tell, it's Freakazoid, who as you well know, is one of the best characters ever. Case in point:
Professor Heiny: Tell me, did she happen to shoot fire out her nose?
Freakazoid: No. Why?
PH: Zat's usually a good indication. A normal person valking around can't just make fire shoot out zheir noses, but a monster...
FZ: Boy, you know your stuff.
See? Genius.

Anyway, I think I'll probably be playing with it a bit until I'm totally happy. Or maybe I'll just change it periodically. Or something. Whaddya think?


Sleestak said...

Yay. I did it too. Was wanting to do it.

Anonymous said...

Very cool looking.

--Shelly, posting anonymously til beta Blogger's commenting glitch is fixed