Friday, January 26, 2007

Give me the lowdown (but keep it on the down-low)

Hey, blogohedron! I seem to have misplaced some things, perhaps you--yes, you!--can help me find them. Drop a message in the comments if you have information regarding any of the following:
  • Some comics blogger did a recent post about Marvel Comics, and said something about how the combination of traits made them perfect for teenagers. I know it's a fairly common sentiment, but I wish I could remember who did that recent post on the subject. Can you help me out?
  • Where can I purchase more free time? Or, perhaps, a device to slow the passage of time? Does anyone know the phone number of a Hiro Nakamura?
  • Speaking of "Heroes," I only just noticed that the Homeland Security agent is played by Stacy Haiduk, who was Lana Lang on the old "Superboy" series. What has the rest of that cast been up to?
  • Speaking of "Superboy," I just picked up the first season set. I remember watching the show as a kid, but the only episode I remember in any detail is one where Clark's at a house with some friends, and a witch casting a spell on Superboy causes Clark's face to disappear, so he grabs a Superboy mask to cover up the magical effect. Anyone know what episode this was from? I can't find any place online with descriptions of all the episodes, and few if any mention a witch.
  • When you're alphabetizing, do you put titles that start with "Dr." and "Doctor" in the same section (Do-), or in separate places (Do- and Dr-, respectively)?
  • Which, if any, are the good seasons of Lois and Clark? I don't know that I actually ever stopped watching the show (I remember the whole thing with the baby left on their doorstep, and wasn't that the last episode?), but I distinctly remember it sucking for awhile before it ended. I liked the show, but I also had no taste at the time, so I'm hesitant to buy any of the sets.
  • How long do you think it'll be before the Extra Special Edition of Superman Returns, with all the deleted scenes (possibly added back into the picture) comes out? I give it until a few months before the sequel at most, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it show up again at Christmas this year or next.
  • Which of the upcoming Marvel Movies are you least excited about, Ghost Rider, Iron Man, or Fantastic Four (4?): Rise of the Silver Surfer. Yes, I realize I left one out. No one is more excited about any of those films than Spider-Man 3.
That should do it for now. Comment away!

Addendum: I found the Superboy episode in question; it's "Yellow Peri's Spell of Doom" from season 2. The special effects are pretty cheesy, but the dialogue is far, far worse. Still, it was a decent episode, and the sequence that stuck with me from childhood is pretty decent. Besides all that, Gerard Christopher looks great as Superboy (a little too beefy and a little too fake as Clark Kent, though), and the S-shield on his costume is perfect, better than any I've seen in any of the live-action incarnations. 'Twas a fun show, and a nice trip down memory lane.


Anonymous said...

Alright, let me see if I can help you out...

1) I have no idea.
2) If you find out where you can find more free time, please let me know.
3) I don't know about the rest of the cast, But I always liked Stacy Haiduk...EXCEPT for when she was on Superboy. I liked her in Kindred: The Embraced (that short-lived FOX series based on the White Wolf RPG)the best.
4) I don't know this one either...but, did you love the one with Mr. Myxtptlk?
5) I always file "Do"
6) I liked all the seasons of Lois and Clark before they got married. After that, it all went down hill. I have to admit that Terri Hatcher was perfect as Lois.
7) Me neither.
8) Least excited? Iron Man. I just don't like Tony Stark. Never got him. Never will. Will I watch it? Of course. But, I'm not excited about it. :)

CalvinPitt said...

I can only respond to the last one, so I will.

I'm least excited about Iron Man. Just not that fired up for it. Maybe when it's close to being released I'll get more excited.

And I'm more excited about The Punisher sequel than any of those three you listed, just for the record.

Anonymous said...

Re: Lois and Clark - I watched that as a pre-teen when it was on, and also loved it, but I too question my taste from back then.

Re: Marvel movies - I have to say I'm least excited for Ghost Rider. Though I've never been an Iron Man fan, I see the potential for it being good - especially if Marvel is really trying to lay the groundwork for an Avengers movie (i.e., give several members their own solo movie, and then do one monumental team-up Avengers movie). I'm excited for the FF sequel only because there actually seems to be a compelling plot

Derek said...

I'm least excited about Ghost Rider. I never thought the character was cool, and Nick Cage hasn't wow-ed me in a very long time. Unless I get invited to go with a group of friends, I think I'm going to wait until DVD to see this one.

Most excited? I'm gonna go against the grain and say Iron Man. While I also have no love for this character, a few recent posts on various blogs have got me interested in Stark's origin. The idea of an unlikable rich bastard who feels guilty about dealing arms, especially in today's day and age, could make for a really good flick.

Plus, Jon Favreau. I've enjoyed every movie he's been a part of, and he's been very open to fan discussion and suggestions, which is cool.

So long as he just takes them into consideration and doesn't try to please everyone, that is.

ticknart said...

For Lois and Clark, I vote that the first two seasons are awesome. (I obsessively recorded all the episodes when it was first on TV and have watched them all since that time). The third season was okay, but spent too much time on they're married/they're not really married, but there are still some good episodes. The fourth season wasn't good.

As for the Marvel movie I'm least excited about, it's Ghost Rider. I just don't get the character.

joncormier said...

Man, I'm most apprehensive about Ghost Rider. After witnessing Daredevil I realized that only Marvel Movies could make a skeleton biker on fire not-cool.

Then again isn't the silver surfer voiced by Ben Affleck? Stupid Daredevil Movie.

And yet I have no expectations for Iron Man, so I'm thinking it has a chance

Anonymous said...

2) Hiro's cellphone is broken. I don't think he can help you.

3) I knew I recognized her from somewhere. I kept thinking WonderWoman for some reason, though. Even knowing it was wrong.

6) I remember enjoying the very first season. But I don't actually remember when they switch Jimmy's. So guess I'm not too much help.

8) Can there be anything worse than Marvel trying to pull off angst in a comic movie promoted as a 'blockbuster'? I'm not even excited to see people talk about hating it. I just go 'Meh, Ghost Rider'. The thing cage's gonna do for Virgin Comics is what has me going' OMGWTF!' really, really loud.

Uhmm Iron Man has a movie? Ok no, I knew that. And yet still my reaction is "Iron Man has a movie? Why?"