Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 265

Somewhere above the storm clouds gathered over the Maine coastline, the stars are finally right. A group of dedicated cultists have gathered on Cross Island, part of the Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge, to carry out an arcane ritual, designed to summon their ancient master from its interdimensional prison. As the eldritch energies build, the air fills with mystical electricity, and lightning superbolts strike the charged water around the islands. The portal opens, and the great slimy goddess emerges, to spread madness and pestilence across the face of the world. But the electrical activity produced by their ritual has had an unintended effect, and something else has awakened beneath the seas--Gargantor, lizard-king of the sea! The giant semi-reptilian beast comes from unknown origins, but woke once in the late 1970s when a similar series of superbolts struck the northeastern coast. The heroes of the age were able to defeat it and imprison it once more beneath the waves, but now it has awakened, and thirsts for destruction! Caught between an enormous otherworldly creature-goddess and a giant saurian monster with electric-vision, Superman will have his indestructible hands full trying to save the East Coast from utter annihilation!

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