Monday, April 18, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 271

There's been a rash of pharmacy break-ins in and around Pascagoula, MS, with thieves usually taking some of the more valuable analgesics and psychotropics. So when investigators at the most recent burglary couldn't find anything missing, they assumed that the new alarm system and more frequent police patrols scared away the would-be robbers before they could complete the crime. But when the next day's prescriptions start turning innocent customers into bloodthirsty demons, it becomes clear that thievery wasn't the reason for this break-in. The traveling Superman lends a hand to the overburdened Pascagoula Police, but the Man of Steel's encountered this nefarious narcotic before. If someone's dealing DMN to drugstores, then it invariably involves some infernal interlopers. Superman's determined to get to the bottom of this backwards burglary, but he has no idea just how far down that bottom is!

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