Monday, April 25, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 278

The Queen of Fables has captured Uncle Sam and Miss America, and she's using her powers to take over America--through its cultural narratives! Today, Lois Lane's research and contacts lead the League of Stories to Vaughan, Mississippi, where they'll find the League's next member, and a heroine who may shed some light on why Superman hasn't lost his powers along with the rest of the superhero community. The Celestial is no folktale, but the latest in a long line of Chinese-Americans who have drawn amazing powers from America's railroads, using those abilities to protect the lines that united the country. Tapped into such a long and powerful tradition, her powers have not faded--and Superman may be experiencing a similar boost. More urgently, she has found the next member of their League, the legendary Casey Jones! With a dedicated conductor and the rails as their guide, the League sets out west--but the Queen's gang of legendary rustlers is on their tail!

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