Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Walking with Superman: Day 272

Curtis Stevens is returning to his Vermont, WI home today. He was sentenced to probation after an incident last week, where he fired a handgun repeatedly at his television set and engaged in a tense standoff with police. It's been a rough month for Stevens, having resigned from the school board, lost his job, and generally withdrawn from society before the bizarre shooting. Neighbors say he hadn't left his house for over three days before the police showed up. But when Superman visits Dane County, he can't help but notice something off about the little town, about their vacant stares and the way the whole village shuts down at 5 PM, as every single citizen settles in to watch Morgan Edge's daily talk show, "The Edge of Reason." Superman's determined to find out what has turned so many normal citizens into Edge's glassy-eyed fanatics, and so he seeks out Curtis Stevens--the last sane man in Vermont, WI!

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