Wednesday, October 19, 2005

This week's books, abbreviated

Batman #646: Made me miss Mahnke. Decent story, though it felt too damn light.
Firestorm #18: Haven't yet read it, realized I really have no desire to. Can we get to the "omigod, changes!" issue now?
Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #2: Fantastic, and good-looking to boot. Can't wait for the ongoing.
Justice #2: Decent, thick, very pretty, but it has me wondering if Alex Ross can pull off a story as complicated as this one seems to be getting.
Marvel Knights 4 #23: Not nearly as fun as I'd anticipated. Really lame, actually.
Runaways #9: Fun. Isn't Cloak's cloak supposed to be dark blue? That bothered me a bit. Great reference to C&D's origin, and some great moments throughout. Vaughan doesn't disappoint.
Seven Soldiers: Klarion #4: Slightly confusing, hopefully less so when I read it a second time. Very pretty.
Spider-Man: House of M #4: I'm buying this, but not HoM or any of the "The Other" tie-ins. What does that say? Pretty good, still wondering where it's going.
Transformers #0: Still as wary about this series as I was before I bought it. Probably not a good sign.

Pick of the Week: GLC: Recharge #2, hands down.

What about that Infinite Crisis review? Three miniseries down, one to go, plus "Crisis of Conscience" and "IC #1." I'll have "Rann-Thanagar" read tonight.

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