Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Delay scandal

For the second week in a row, the comic shipment to my LCS has been delayed. Yes, that means that last week, because of the holiday on top of the delay, I received comics on Friday. Three weeks without a useful Wednesday among them.

The problem with this is that comic delays are hazardous to my wallet. When comics don't come into the shop, but I do, I end up staying probably longer than I otherwise would. I don't just skim what's in my bag, I talk to Tim (da owner) and paw through 50-cent boxes.

Sluoocheeng Tooerds Gumurreh, eh Rubert Burk, a-bork bork bork?Between sales and delays and low-volume weeks, I've bought almost every issue of "The Power Company," based solely on testimonial and a love for Grummett (and a most-of-the-time love for Busiek). I've read one issue. The "Bork" special. Because I was amused that someone would name a character after a rejected nutjob Supreme Court nominiee. What can I say, I'm politically-minded.

Oh, and I have no self-control.

So I get to spend more money at the shop tomorrow. Not much, since there's really very few comics out this week. At least, very few that I buy. I just wish I could have picked up the whole load today. Would've felt like I was spending less.

Le sigh. Any other midwesterners having comic delay problems?

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Ragnell said...

Yes, Oklahoma!-- 2 out of three weeks in a row. The stuff shipped on the 21st got to us on 23rd, then we had to wait until Thursday anyway, and last week we had to wait until Friday.

Nothing really good was coming out this week, so I didn't even try. They'll still be there Saturday.